We are expecting another litter for the summer of 2019

Our kennel is registered in Polish Kennel Club Warsaw Branch.
Our puppies are breeding at home. Every one is especially for us and we are looking for them homes full of warmth and love.
To new owners of ours puppies we are always available and happy to help and share with our knowledge. Our puppies are dewormed, vacinated, healthy and propely socialised leave the home with: certificate of birth of Polish Kennel Club authorizing to issue the pedigree, health book, marked and with layette.
So that why we are asked You to consider if You are ready for puppy of Polish Lowland Sheepdog to live in Your home.

author Gabriel Bartochowski:
Do You know what a dog is my dear?
It's not a toy and not a thing!
It's little or big living being.
Shaggy or short-haired, colorful, black or fully white.
It's an obligation, every day walks.
It's pleasure of fun and smiles.
It's the dearest friend.
That's why think twice before You take little ball to Your home.
Because she feel and she is not only a dogie.